Black In Halifax

This is an interview style documentary series about Black people living in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and how they navigate the particular racial nuances of the city.

These interviews were first screened at Shaya Ishaq's artist residency; Black Libraries Matter at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Black + Belonging

Funded through the National Film Board (NFB) Filmmaker's Assistance Program (FAP) and with support from the Fabianne Colas Foundation, Black + Belonging is a short documentary that explores how Black artists find belonging through their craft.

Black + Belonging was first screened at the Halifax Black Film Festival in March 2019 and is future scheduled for future screenings in Montreal and Toronto.

Soft Jaw (in progress)

This a documentary film project about how (or if or if they perceive any need to) Queer people of Faith reconcile potentially disputing aspects of their identities. These conversations about queerness and faith happen over the preparation and sharing of a meal.

francesca ekwuyasi