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Lacuna is an experimental short film project that merges dialogue, moving images, film footage and text. The dialogue comprises conversations on borders, blackness, queerness, and faith between the artist and two other Black, queer folks of Nigerian descent. A beacon project for NOCTURNE HALIFAX 2021 on the theme of liminality. it is a further expansion of the artist's practice of engaging with queer people of faith to explore how they reconcile their queerness with inherited and/or chosen faith practices. 

Funded through the National Film Board (NFB) Filmmaker's Assistance Program (FAP) and with support from the Fabienne Colas Foundation, Black + Belonging is a short documentary that explores how Black artists find belonging through their craft.
Black + Belonging was first screened at the Halifax Black Film Festival in March 2019, at the Montreal International Black Film Festival, and the Toronto Black Film Festival in February 2020.

This a documentary film project about how (or if or if they perceive any need to) Queer people of Faith reconcile potentially disputing aspects of their identities. This project was carried out during my month-long residency at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in November 2019. 

This is an interview-style documentary series about Black people living in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and how they navigate the particular racial nuances of the city.
These interviews were first screened at Shaya Ishaq's artist residency; Black Libraries Matter at the Khyber Centre for the Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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