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During my month-long KREAM residency I explored the intersections of queerness and faith through the creation of two complementary pieces; Penance and Reconcile.

Penance was an inward reflection in the form of a large scale paper cutting project. This project existed in the context of queerness being criminalized in Nigeria, as well as the ideas that it is sinful and perverse to be queer as espoused by the Catholic faith that I grew up practising. The repetitive and meditative motions required to complete this piece as a large scale body of work responded to the Catholic tradition of penance after confession for the alleged sin of queerness.

Reconcile was an outward look into the ways that other queer people of various faith practices mitigate their faith with their queerness. Through a documentary-style interview series, I filmed participants as they shared their stories while cooking a meal.


Affirmation, november 2019


Close up of paper cutting, November 2019 


Close up of paper cutting, November 2019 

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